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Please note - following the changes made by the introduction of the retail water market. From April 2017, if you are applying for a non-household/commercial supply or building water only supply, then you will need to appoint a water retailer to be registered to that supply. If you do not appoint a retailer, then the market will appoint one for you.


For a list of retailers in the market please go to:


You can either requisition mains and services from us or employ a Self-Lay Provider to install them. Please note that our application forms may change without notice. Re-download a form each time you make an application and do not rely on saved copies.




If you would like us to install the mains and/or connect the services, then you should fill in one of the following forms:


Small developments


If it is likely that your development will not require new mains to be installed because it consists of only a handful of properties which all front on to an existing road, then you can complete a simpler Application for Supply Form, just for the service connections.


Large developments


If your development is larger and will require new mains, then complete this form (a single form can now be used to apply for both the mains and service connections at the same time):


Complete the mains and services application form online




If you wish to appoint your own accredited contractor to install the mains and/or services for you, then you should complete this form in conjunction with the Self-Lay provider you have appointed:


Complete the Self lay application form online


From April 2018 all Developers working with Bristol Water may be contacted by our regulator, Ofwat, to ask for feedback on Bristol Water and the service we provide. If you do not want to be contacted please inform a member of our Development Service or New Supplies team and we will pass that on to Ofwat.


Contact us about developments


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All pre-development enquiries and mains applications from developers will be dealt with by our Developer Interface Team who will arrange for any required mains to be designed and priced, terms to be sent and the mains to be installed.

Sharon Ranahan – Developer Interface Manager

All enquiries from Self-Lay organisations and applications will be dealt with by our Development Services team who will produce or check the design of any required mains. They will send out agreements and deal with the payments for any non-contestable work. They will also deal with the asset value payments at the end of the job.

Tim St John – Head of Development Services

To discuss issues encountered onsite once mainlaying has begun, including changes to the design, you should speak to one of our Network Site Agent. You will be notified of the person responsible for your site before work commences. They will inspect the work as the installation progresses, go through your as-laid plans with you, arrange bacteriological testing and attend the pre-start meeting. Weekly whereabouts should be sent to our Network Site Agent.

Nick Parr – Development Services Operations Manager

You should contact our New Supplies team about service connection issues. They will inspect the supply pipes before connection, authorise the connection and deal with the invoices and payments connected with the services.

Lynn Hawkins – New Supplies Manager

Please address correspondence to the relevant department at:

Bristol Water
Bridgwater Road
BS13 7AT