Help with leaks

If you think you have a leak on your pipes, we can help confirm and let you know the next steps.

Is it a leak or are you just using more water?

You may suspect you have a leak because your bill is higher than normal. Although it's great to check, you should first make sure it's not because you're just using more water than normal.
Here are some things that may cause your bill to be higher than normal:
  • Have you been washing your hands more lately?
  • Have you had guests stay over who have used your shower or bath?
  • Are you watering your garden more than normal?
  • Have you had a new appliance installed that may be using more water?

How to spot a private leak

There are two kinds of leaks, ones that occur in our pipework and so are our responsibility, and ones that occur on your private pipework which require you or the homeowner to repair. Here are some signs that you might have an private leak on your pipeworks:

  • You've noticed a drop in water pressure
  • Your bill has increased but you haven’t knowingly increased your water usage
  • You have noisy pipes
  • You have a dripping tap or a faulty toilet system that has caused a high bill
  • You can see a damp patch of ground outside or an area of grass may be growing quicker and greener due to the extra water

We can help with your leak

We can offer you help with your leak through our Bristol Water Leakstop scheme. To help put things right quickly, our Leakstop scheme offers help for leaks on underground supply pipes. We offer:

  • Free leak assistance service and advice on your next best steps
  • £100 subsidy payment if you repair the leak or replace the leaky pipe within 21 days (this is capped to one payment per leaky pipe)
  • Continuous support and advice