Supplies can be disconnected completely or in some cases, temporarily turned off.

Temporary turn-off

If you would like to have your water supply temporarily turned off, we will do so free of charge. Subsequent restoration of the supply will incur a fee of £50. This option is only available for customers with water meters. We do not allow troughs or agricultural premises to be turned off temporarily and an annual standing charge must be paid for these unless they are permanently disconnected.

Permanent disconnections

If you would like to have your water supply disconnected, please complete an online permanent disconnection form.

On receipt of your application, one of our District Inspectors will visit the property to locate our stop tap and check the supply pipe is independent from any other properties. This will be done within 14 days. We will mark the position of the disconnection in blue paint. If possible the supply will be turned off as a temporary disconnection.

If you suspect your property may share its supply with another, please visit our page about separating a supply. For information on separating or re-routing your supply.

Disconnection will be completed by digging down to our water main and physically disconnecting the pipe. If water is needed on site in the future, an application for a new supply will have to be requested and paid for by the owner. Reconnection costs vary depending on the length of pipe and type of ground surface.