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Our Philosophy


We believe innovation and creative thinking is a mindset, it isn't always new technology or a new gadget, although it can be that too. Being creative and innovative is part of who we are and it runs throughout our business. It can come from anyone and anytime, and you must allow room for failure. We love those big bang innovations that change us but we also seek those continuous improvements, we love those who are always seeking the answer. Our community and those around us help us be better so we are always open to new ideas from others.

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The Quest


We are looking to solve a number of innovation challenges and we want your help to get there.
The Bristol Water Innovation Podcast - as part of our quest to solve innovation challenges we've put together a podcast featuring some of the brightest minds in innovation. Check out the link below to hear what they have to say...

Here are some examples of our work on the quest...

University of West England - Water Use Study


This is the largest study of its kind in Europe. We've collaborated with the University of West England in a student village project on water consumption evidence base.


Dynamically Adaptive Connectivity


We've set up a 'field lab' within Bristol to control how our different areas work together to prevent leaks, lower disruption, and improve water quality.

Acts of Genius


Pipe Apparatus

Biodiversity Score

The Water Bar

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