What is it like to work at Bristol Water?

Just a bit of information about what's important to us, what drives us and our plans for the future

Company benefits

Competitive salaries

We regularly benchmark our pay and reward benefits to ensure that our salary levels for individual jobs match or exceed market rates.

Stakeholder pension

All new members of staff are eligible to join the company stakeholder pension scheme. If you join, both you and the company will make contributions to the scheme.

Ride 2 Work

This scheme enables you to hire a bike and/or safety accessories of your choice from Bristol Water. The scheme offers savings of up 32%.

Family-friendly policies

We have a number of family-friendly policies that exceed the statutory requirements including enhanced maternity and paternity leave and the option to join our childcare vouchers scheme to save up to £1,200 a year.

Generous holiday allowance

Our statutory annual leave provision starts with at least 23 days for new employees plus paid leave for bank holidays, rising to as much as 30 days. 


As well as a discounted car purchase scheme, employees can apply for an interest-free loan to purchase an annual season ticket and benefit from the reduced costs as well as having the ability to repay this over a period of time.

Flexi-benefits scheme

Our staff have the ability to purchase the following benefits: dental insurance, health plans, health screenings, childcare vouchers and will-writing services for both themselves and their partner. You can buy or sell up to three days of holiday.

Discretionary bonus scheme

Everybody in the business is eligible for an annual bonus. This is linked to both the company and on your own personal performance and achievements.

Other benefits

Certain roles also offer the following: car allowance or company car/van, healthcare, mobile and laptop.

Learning and development

Here at Bristol Water we recognise that learning isn’t just a classroom thing, it’s so much more than that.

As humans we learn in lots of different ways. Whether it’s turning to friends, searching Google, watching a TED Talk or reading a book, learning opportunities can be found all around us. With this in mind, we’re working hard to create our very own ecosystem of learning opportunities that will help you grow professionally and personally.

The Hive is our new learning hub from which all opportunities stem. From the moment you join our business you will engage with our great learning tool, LOOOP, which is full of useful resources to help you settle in. After that, you’ll be given the required training you need to get going in your role.

After that, we would encourage you to make the most of the other learning opportunities out there, such as our in-house management programme LEAD, LEAD Aspire, a programme dedicated to supporting our next-generation of leaders, or our monthly b-Talk platform to hear from the many great guest speakers we host.

We believe learning should be flexible, move with the swell of the business and be available in the flow of work and at the point of need. We also believe that The Hive will offer you great career development opportunities and help you be the best version of you.

Our mission is simple: “Learning from today to make us 1% better tomorrow.”

Valuing diversity, equality and inclusivity

We value inclusion so much, we have a whole programme of activities committed to supporting this. Here’s a taste of what we’re getting up to…

  • Our open mic week is dedicated to diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • We host networks and groups, such as our women’s network.
  • Internal and external guest speakers drop in for talks.
  • We encourage team conversations, book club and blogs.
  • Quarterly diversity, equality and awareness (DE&I) training and reflection sessions.
  • Inclusive leadership training in our management development LEAD sessions.
  • Fair and inclusive recruitment practices throughout the candidate journey and HR policies committed to supporting our workforce.
  • Commitment to an inclusive working environment across our whole team. We’re always developing and looking for ways to celebrate and benefit from our differences.

Our top tips for interview

We want our current and future colleagues to be as prepared as possible when you come for an interview so you can present the very best of yourself on the day. To help you in your endeavour, we have created some tips that we hope you will find useful. For more information on our interview process, please see the document titled "Bristol Water Interview Tips" under Resources.

Be yourself

Let your personality shine through. Yes, prepare some answers, but don’t be too robotic – we want to see the real you.

The interview is a two-way street

Get clarity if you are not sure of something and make sure you ask us lots of questions – we love talking about our company!

Remember to use the STAR technique

Try and use facts and figures to back up your examples and experiences

If you don’t have an experience or example to call on, be honest!

We don’t expect finished articles. If you don’t have the experience, be honest about it then suggest how you might approach the situation.

Do your research!

Our website is full of information about us and what we are about. We won’t be testing you on it, but if something comes up in conversation it would be good to know you understand it.

Finally, look at our values.

We are very passionate about them! Think about what they mean to you and how you have demonstrated them in the past – it could be one of the questions you get asked.