I have no water

We're sorry to hear you have no water. Here’s what you need to do and information on why this might be happening.

Checks you need to do in a water emergency

1. Check your internal pipes

First check your internal pipes for leaks or to see if they are frozen. If there is a leak, you will need to find your stop tap to turn the water off. If they're frozen, you will need warm them up or call a plumber.

2. Check with your neighbours

Speak with one of your neighbours to see if they are having the same problem. If they don't have the problem then it is likely to be an issue with your home only and you will need to call a plumber.

3. Check for any known issues

Before calling us, please check to see if there is a known issue in your area.

4. Get in touch

Call our expert team in operational customer services to let them know you have no water.