Water Resources

Managing our water resources is critical to what we do. Over the next 25 years our area will face increasing pressures due to growth and climate change. Find out how we plan for the future and have your say.

Bid Assessment Framework


Our Bid Assessment Framework summarises the processes for both assessing and encouraging bids from third party providers of water resources, leakage and demand management services. This process enables us to consistently identify more efficient providers of services resulting in reduced costs and better value to customers.

The framework sets out to provide third parties with confidence and clarity about the integrity of our Bid Assessment Framework processes, whilst mitigating the risk of actual or perceived bias towards our own in-house solutions.

Set out within the document are details as to how a competitive tendering process will work and the principles, stages and requirements which both Bristol Water and third parties, be they suppliers or other wholesalers and licenced undertakers, will be required to follow and comply with to allow us to trade.

We believe this framework supports our strategy of:

  • Keeping bills affordable through innovation and efficiency
  • Improving resource efficiency by cutting leakage and boosting water efficiency
  • Keeping our supplies resilient
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West Country Water Resources Group (WCWRG)


In addition to third party support services within the Bristol Water supply area, we are keen to discuss opportunities on a regional scale. We would like to explore commercial opportunities, links or partnerships with environmental groups, charities, and other interest groups and opportunities to work with academic institutions.


We are especially interested in providers who would be able to implement end to end solutions from concept through to delivery and benefit realisation and innovative solutions, especially if they deliver wider benefits, such as green infrastructure, Support services may include the provision of leakage detection, demand management options, water trading and the provision of reclaimed water to assist in resource availability for public water supply.


If you are interested in working with us to deliver key elements of our Regional Plan and can offer skills and services that will help us deliver our strategy, please contact us via our online form.


Water Resources Management Plan 2024: review and update


All water companies in England & Wales are required to review and update our statutory Water Resources management Plans (WRMP) every 5 years.

Our last WRMP was published in August 2019, therefore, we are now embarking on the review and update of this plan in time for final publication in 2024.

As part of the review, we are implementing a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of our WRMP options. This assessment will consider the relative environmental performance of the alternative options we have available to meet any forecast supply demand deficit in the future, up to 2080. The SEA will support the decision making on the development of the WRMP and the final planning options.

The SEA Scoping Report sets out the context of the SEA and provides an opportunity for early engagement with statutory consultees and stakeholders to get their views on the proposed scope and level of detail that the SEA Environmental Report is going to implement.


We are consulting on the SEA scoping report for a period of 5 weeks from the 16th March 2022 to the 21st April 2022 and welcome any feedback that our stakeholders may have. All responses to the consultation should be sent via e-mail to water.resources@bristolwater.co.uk.


Download a copy of our Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report


Water Resources Management Plan 2019


As part of long-term management and planning for public water supply, water companies are required to produce a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) and to update it every five years. Our current WRMP covers the period from 2020 to 2045 and was published in August 2019.

The WRMP shows how we intend to maintain the balance between supply and demand over the next 25 years.

We carried out a 12 week public consultation process during March to May 2018. Through this we asked our customers, stakeholders and regulators for their views on our draft Water Resources Management Plan. We produced a Statement of Response following that consultation, which set out how we took on board the comments received and used them to develop our revised draft WRMP 2019.

The Statement of Response and revised draft WRMP 2019 were submitted to the Secretary of State in September 2018 to determine whether our plan could be published. In February 2019, we received a request for some additional information to support the Statement of Response from Defra. We therefore updated our Statement of Response to address this request for information and reflected this in our revised draft WRMP 2019.

We genuinely appreciate the time taken by our customers, stakeholders and regulators in supporting the development of our WRMP19 and we welcome the positive contribution and direction that has helped us to refine our plan. All the comments and representations have been taken into consideration in developing our final WRMP19.

The Secretary of State has now reviewed our Statement of Response, and directed us to publish our final plan and accompanying documents.


Download a copy of our Final Water Resources Management Plan 2019


Additional documents

* Some details have been redacted (excluded) from these documents on security grounds, please find a statement regarding this below:

In order to maintain the security of the water we supply to our customers and in compliance with national security requirements as described in the Water Industry Act 1991 section s.37(B), some minor details have been removed (or "redacted") from the Water Resource Management Plan documents that we have published. The information we have redacted is mainly about site names (these are shown in our public consultation documents as site codes rather than site names), and we have also redacted a diagram of our water supply network. Full details of these sites and diagrams are provided in the unredacted documents we share with our regulators, so that they receive all the information necessary for a detailed technical assessment of our plan.

Because we want our customers to have the most complete information possible on our plans for the future, we have tried to redact the minimum information necessary from the documents we have made available to the public. If however you find that this makes the plan difficult to understand, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the best way to resolve any questions you may have.


RAPID Accelerated gate one submissions: West Country North Sources and Transfers


(Joint solution by Bristol Water, Wessex Water and Southern Water)


As part of a national programme to investigate the potential for water transfers to other regions, we have worked with stakeholders to investigate a transfer option titled “West Country North Sources”. The summary report can be found below.


Water resources market information: July 2021 update


We publish key information in a consistent format in order to support the bidding market for water resources, demand management and leakage services. We've updated this market information in line with our WRMP and it's available below:


Water Resources – We’d like to hear from you


We are continually looking for new and innovative ways in which we can meet our vision, which is to build “trust beyond water – providing excellent customer experiences”. This reflects our mission to be a company that our communities trust and are proud of. In doing so, we will deliver excellent experiences and create social and economic value. We would like to hear from you if:


  • You are in possession of a licence to abstract water which is not in use or is not utilised to capacity;
  • Have a borehole or asset on your land/site where abstraction of water for public consumption is potentially viable that you would consider selling. This could be an asset that you are currently not using or you are likely to cease using in the future;
  • You are developing technology which aims to reduce the usage of water at home or business; and/or
  • Could provide leakage services.

If you meet any of the criteria above and would like further information please contact our Water Resources Team water.resources@bristolwater.co.uk.

If you would like to submit a bid directly to Bristol Water please complete the relevant form (found in our Bid Assessment Framework) and provide all available information to the best of your knowledge. We would encourage any potential third party bidders to contact us directly – our Procurement team will offer support in completing applications. They can be contacted at procurementteam@bristolwater.co.uk.