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Regulatory reports

Our regulators



Ofwat is the economic water industry regulator responsible for ensuring we meet the conditions of our licence which includes pricing policies, monitoring the level of services we provide and protecting our customers’ interests.



CCWater is an independent organisation aims to protected consumers’ interests and investigate customer complaints free of charge.




The DWI is responsible for monitoring our compliance with the water quality standards, these are reported against compliance with drinking water quality standards in England, which are based on EU Directives. The DWI is part of the department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.



Environment Agency


The Environment Agency is responsible for protecting and improving the water environment  which includes rivers, groundwaters, coastal waters, fisheries, pollution control, navigation and flood defences. In addition to this, it regulates both quality and the quantity of water we take from and return to rivers, other inland water and underground sources.




DEFRA sets national government policy for water and controls some very important aspects of our work. In particular the DWI sets the standards of our water quality based on EU standards and is responsible for making sure we meet them.


European Benchmarking


European Benchmarking Co-operation’s public reports has been published this year, setting out details of the performance of 44 companies from 20 different countries across Europe and beyond, against a variety of metrics.


This is the third year that Bristol Water has participated in this exercise. We believe that benchmarking our performance in this way provides us with a number of benefits. It broadens our horizons, allowing us to find out what others do to tackle similar challenges to those we face here, for example how companies responded to the effects of the hot, dry summer of 2018 as it increased demand for water beyond normally expected levels. Different technologies and innovations are emerging all the time, and it is important to keep pace with the ideas that can shape the future of our industry.

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