We need to ensure that we always have access to our pipework so that we can carry out repairs, should they be needed.

Diverting mains

If you are planning on constructing something over or near one of our mains, or otherwise obstructing our access, then the main may need to be diverted.

This applies to temporary structures like site cabins and cranes as well as permanent structures. Our mains may also need to be diverted if you are planning to reduce or increase the cover over them, either temporarily or permanently. 

If you are applying for new mains to supply your site, then any required diversion will be dealt with as part of that application. If you are not making an application for a new main, then please write to the Developer Interface Team with details of your proposals. In such cases you will need to enclose an application fee. For more information on the application process, please read our Developers’ Charter. Our information leaflet contains more details on diversions in general: when they are required, the cost, the timescales involved and what might happen if mains are not diverted when they should be.