Hiring a standpipe

If you need to connect to the Bristol Water mains network for any reason, the only standpipes permitted are those authorised through us. 

Temporary connections to a water main


Customers often need to temporarily draw water directly from Bristol Water’s mains network for a variety of reasons including for welfare facilities, events, festivals, cleaning, construction and even to water carefully nurtured blooms. To connect to the Bristol Water mains network for any reason, an authorised standpipe from Bristol Water must be used. 


The Standpipe Hire team are on hand to support you with your need. All standpipes are metered, and water used will be charged at the current Bristol Water rate.


What do I need to know before hiring a standpipe?

Available standpipes and what they can be used for
Two types of standpipes are available for hire:
15mm with ¾ inch bore (delivers approx. 1 litre per second)
High flow 64mm with 2½ inch bore (delivers approx. 4 litres per second)

Standpipes are hired to draw water for a range of purposes, including:


  • Domestic use such as drinking, cooking, and washing (e.g., for events, festivals, site welfare facilities, temporary domestic supply) – Bristol Water will chlorinate both the hydrant/washout and standpipe before hire for domestic use.
  • Non-domestic use (e.g., filling bowsers/tankers, construction/demolition site uses, watering plants and trees, cleaning windows and solar panels)

Where can and can’t our standpipes be used?

Standpipes can be hired on a weekly or pre-paid annual basis. All information on charges, including deposits can be seen in the useful documents section below.


15mm standpipes can be used on any standard fire hydrant or washout in the Bristol Water supply area that does not have logging equipment.  High flow 64mm standpipes are restricted for use on designated filling points to avoid causing burst mains, poor pressures, and water discolouration for other customers. Designated filling points are adapted to only take a 64mm standpipe and are marked with a red lid.


We advise you visit your intended location to identify an appropriate hydrant/washout for your use before hiring a standpipe. Please do contact us if you still need more information on the appropriate hydrants/washouts for what you need and where you need it.

I'd like to apply to hire a standpipe




You should visit the location and consider the purpose to identify what you need and where it will be used.




  • Ensure you've read the information and T&Cs on our website.
  • Complete the online application form, allowing at least a full working day for this to be processed before collection.
  • For domestic use, allow up to ten working days for inspection and chlorination of the intended hydrant/washout.
  • Include company information on letterheaded paper if you're a new standpipe hire customer.


  • You may be asked to clarify aspects of your application before it is processed.
  • You will be set up as a new customer if necessary.
  • We will confirm your hire and issue an invoice for the deposit to be paid before collection.
  • If you're hiring on an annual basis, the full pre-payment amount will be included on the invoice for payment before collection.
  • For domestic use, we will arrange a Network Inspector to visit, inspect and chlorinate the hydrant/washout to be used
Pay deposit


  • The deposit (and any other pre-payment) must be cleared before the standpipe can be collected.
  • Payment can be made via card over the phone or bank transfer.


  • Once payment is received, your standpipe can be collected from Bristol Water's Barrow Logistics Centre.


  • You've got your standpipe! You must follow all usage instructions and take appropriate measures to keep yourself and all Bristol Water equipment safe.
  • We will contact you for regular meter readings to accurately bill your water consumption alongside your hire charges.
  • If you receive any issues, please contact us. For emergencies out of normal working hours, please contact the main Bristol Water Customer Services team.


  • Contact us when you'd like to off-hire. An off-hire form will be prepared for when the standpipe is returned.
  • The standpipe will be inspected and tested. You will be informed of any damage.
  • You will receive a final bill including any outstanding water consumption charges, hire charges and loss, damage or repair charges. You will either be refunded your deposit or your final bill will be reduced by the value of your deposit.

If you need to contact the team please call 0345 600 0220 or email standpipehire@bristolwater.co.uk

What do I need to know when using a standpipe?


Watch this video to find out how to connect, and disconnect your standpipe. If you need to contact the team please call 0345 600 0220 or email standpipehire@bristolwater.co.uk


Please remember:


  • All standpipes are metered and water used will be charged at the current Bristol Water rate. Equipment can be delivered across the region. There is however a charge for this service.

  • Using an ILLEGAL standpipe constitutes the crime of theft from Bristol Water. Please make sure you have read all the information below, including the Standpipe Hire Terms and Conditions before you apply for a standpipe.

  • Anyone found to have caused damage to the mains network will be held fully liable and we will look to recover the costs of repairing this damage.

If you think you've spotted the illegal use of a standpipe please call us on 0345 600 0220 or email standpipehire@bristolwater.co.uk

Useful documents


Standpipe hire form (printable)


Standpipe hire Bristol Water depot map


Map of designated filling points


Standpipe hire charges


Terms of hire


Standpipe hire full info pack


Payment terms