Planning for Drought

Our resources are well managed and so, hopefully, we will never be in a drought. But we plan for it just in case. Download a copy of our plans here.

Non-Technical Summary

Download the details of the plan


Our final Drought Plan 2018 and associated appendices are available to download via the links under "resources".

We did not exclude any information from the Drought Plan or the Drought Plan Appendix on the grounds of national security. However, three maps were excluded from both the Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report and the Strategic Environmental Assessment appendix on security grounds

Drought Plan 2022: review and update


All water companies in England have been directed by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to review and update our statutory drought plans.

As part of the review we are implementing a Strategic Environmental Assessment of our drought options.  This assessment will consider the relative environmental performance of the alternative options proposed within the Drought Plan and support decision making on the development of the plan.


The SEA Scoping Report sets out the context of the SEA and provides an opportunity for early engagement with statutory consultees and stakeholders to get their views on the proposed scope and level of detail the SEA Environmental Report is going to implement. A copy of the Scoping Report can be downloaded here.


We are consulting on the SEA scoping report for a period of 5 weeks from 18th December 2020 to the 25th January 2021 and welcome any feedback our stakeholders may have.  All responses to the consultation should be sent via e-mail to