Planning for Drought

Our resources are well managed and so, hopefully, we will never be in a drought. But we plan for it just in case. Download a copy of our plans here.

Non-Technical Summary

Drought Plan 2022: Consultation


We have a statutory duty to review and update our Drought Plan every 5 years. Our existing Drought Plan covers the period to 2021. In June we published our updated Draft Drought Plan and held a 5-week public consultation period. Since the consultation closed in July, we have been working through the responses received and identifying the updates we need to make to our draft plan accordingly.


Our Statement of Response, detailing the responses we received and the changes we will be making to our drought plan as a result of them, can be found below. We will publish a revised draft drought plan and appendices by the 30th September, showing all the changes we have made as set out in the Statement of Response.



The Secretary of State will now review the Statement of Response before directing us to publish our final Drought Plan and accompanying documents.


Thank you for your interest in our Drought Plan. All of your feedback is important to us and will enable us to develop a better drought plan that meets the needs of our customers, the communities within which we work and the environment.

If a paper copy of this document is required, then please contact us at



Download the details of the 2018 plan


Our final Drought Plan 2018 and associated appendices are available to download via the links under "resources".

We did not exclude any information from the Drought Plan or the Drought Plan Appendix on the grounds of national security. However, three maps were excluded from both the Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report and the Strategic Environmental Assessment appendix on security grounds

Some details have been redacted (excluded) from these documents on security droughts, please find a statement below regarding this:


In order to maintain the security of the water we supply to our customers and in compliance with national security requirements as described in the Water Industry Act 1991 section s.37(B), some minor details have been removed (or "redacted") from the draft Drought Plan documents that we have published. The information we have redacted is mainly about site names (these are shown in our public consultation documents as site codes rather than site names), and we have also redacted a high-resolution map from the HRA document. Full details of these sites and maps are provided in the unredacted documents we share with our regulators, so that they receive all the information necessary for a detailed technical assessment of our plan.

Because we want our customers to have the most complete information possible on our drought plan, we have tried to redact the minimum information necessary from the documents we have made available to the public. If, however you find that this makes the plan difficult to understand, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the best way to resolve any questions you may have.