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Would you like to be involved in our future customer research?

We run an extensive customer research programme, so there are plenty of ways you can get involved and have your say on how our businesses are run. We're looking for people just like you to come along to our customer events and have your say on how we tackle challenges and improve our services. We love learning from our customers about what matters to them and value your support.

Phases of research

Our research is structured into four phases that helps us structure our ongoing conversations with all our customers, and ensures your input can be included in the planning process at the right time.

The phases include specific business planning research, as well as business-as-usual activities, that means you can continue to have your say.

Customer research reports

Bristol Water's Youth Board

Our annual Youth Board activity is a part of Bristol Water's social contract initiatives. Every year we engage with six-form students from different schools and discuss various business issues and topics.

This activity benefits both Bristol Water and the students, as we get the views of our future customers, and they get an insight about the modern business.

In 2023, Youth Board was a workshop conducted on one day in our Bristol office. We covered a range of topics, including: water bills and the ideal customer experience of them, reviews of customer communications and social media profiles, and preferences for information such as tracking when you’re waiting on a service, or water consumption information via an app or online service.  

Bristol Water is committed to listening to future generations and understanding their views, and we will continue to conduct our Youth Board annually.

Our public meetings

As a valued customer, we want to give you more of a say in how we run our water company. 

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