The Water Bar

Seven miles of plastic bottles have been saved by our water bar at local festivals and events since 2014.


Reducing plastic waste, one festival at a time!



By 2050, experts believe there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish...


The Bristol Water Bar is a free to use, pop-up bar featuring the healthiest drink there's ever been on draft: tap water. Every summer, we take the it out on the roads in a mission to fight against plastic waste - and we are back on the road for summer 2019.


A Bristol Water worker taking a picture of a white dog at the water bar at Dogfest festival
Three Bristol Water workers manning the free water bar at a festival
A reusable water bottle next to a water pump at a festival with balloons in the sky behind it
Four Bristol Water Workers in front of the free water bar at a festival
Bristol water worker Michelle in front of the refillable water bar, which is decorated with bright graffiti


Our story


Let's start in 2014.


The war on plastic was picking up momentum. Right here in Bristol, one of the most influential environmental organisations, City to Sea, was founded. The 5p carrier bag policy was in heavy debate in parliament and some shocking studies showed the affect plastic was having on our marine and bird populations.


It was also the year the industries first ever water bar was born: the Bristol Water Bar.


The West Country is home to some of the UK's most diverse and popular festivals, including the likes of Glastonbury festival, Upfest and the International Balloon Fiesta.


It was the link between festivals and the need for a convenient source of water on the go which saw us develop our Water Bar idea, which has seen us reach thousands of our customers, save seven miles of plastic waste to date, and inspire other water companies to follow in our footsteps.

We're award winning 


Big Bang Award for Innovation

Utility Week Stars Awards


 Community Project
of the Year

Water Industry Achievement Awards



Outstanding Innovation Award

Water Industry Achievement Awards


Our water bar


In its first year, we took the bar to Bristol Pride, Redfest and the International Balloon Fiesta. It proved a huge success with over 4,000 litres of good old tap water drunk at the Balloon Fiesta alone. We estimate that we saved more than 10,000 plastic bottles going to landfill, a staggering number.


In 2017, we were on the road again, visiting five local events: Keynsham Music Festival, Upfest, Peaceful Portway and, for the second time, Bristol Pride and the International Balloon Fiesta.


In 2018 we went bigger than ever. We went to 13 events, including Valley Fest, Backwell Festival and Forest Live.


In summer 2019, we loaded up on water and took our quirky bar over to North Somerset Show, Bristol Festival of Nature, Keynsham Music Festival, Bristol Pride and ValleyFest, preventing over 9,000 plastic bottles from landfill.

The water bar to your event - We aren't currently taking applications.

Back the tap!

Five reasons to think about what you drink


Only 9% of plastic is recycled: the rest goes to landfills, incineration- or worse -in the environment


Tap water is about a thousand times cheaper than bottled water


In blind taste tests, participants actually preferred the taste of tap water to bottled water


It takes twice as much water to make a plastic bottle than it does to refill it


It's the healthiest thing you can drink. In fact, if you drank a popular fizzy bottled drink every day instead, you'd consume 19 and a half bags of sugar over the year.


More in our community...

A girl smiling, with a refillable water bottle talking to a man with an ipad
Together For good


Every month, we are giving away £500 to a local project or charity within our supply area.

A little girl in a high vis vest leaning over a pond, looking at a clear cup with tadpoles in
Spawn to be wild


Our legendary schools programme to bring eels back to our waters has won several awards.

A person filling a metal water bottle from a water fountain
Refill revolution


Our fountain in Millennium Sq saved 8,000 single-use plastic bottles from going to waste in one month!