New supplies & mains

Extending your home or developing a large scale property site? We can help you connect to our network - whatever your needs.

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Developer services

Whether you’re extending your home or developing a large-scale property site, we can help you connect to our network – whatever your needs.

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Planning your development

Our expert teams are on hand to provide support and guidance with all of your planning needs, whatever the size of your project.

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Locate existing assets

Make a request to locate existing assets.

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Service connections

Looking to connect to our network? Whether you're ready to connect your pipes or only just starting the planning process, we're here to help.

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Self-lay providers

Looking to choose your own contractor? Find out what Self-lay providers (SLPs) can do for you.

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New appointments & variants: Information and guidance on NAVs.

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About new mains

If you are looking to have a new main installed, it is important that you are aware of the specifications.

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