Our water supply charges

Check how much you pay for your water services


Each year we set our charges according to price limits that are determined by our regulator Ofwat every five years.

Your supply is either unmetered or metered and this affects the way we charge for your water supply:

  • Unmetered – we use rateable value of your property and calculate the cost for the year in advance

  • Metered – we read the meter twice a year and you pay for the water you use. All domestic customers can ask for a meter to be installed free of charge. For those who opt for a meter, from 1 April 2022 we’re offering a money back guarantee. We’re so confident you’ll save money that we’ll refund the difference after two years, if having a meter does end up costing you more.

For 2022/23, the average water bill in the Bristol Water supply area will be £203 a year, an increase of 6.9% from £190. This works out as 56p a day for your water, which is treated, regularly monitored and then transported straight to your tap. The increase reflects inflation and past bill reductions. For more detail refer to our Assurance Statement for 2022/23.


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