This accessibility statement applies to the Bristol Water website (,, 

Bristol Water is committed to providing a website and service that is inclusive of all our customers. 

As a water company we are responsible for providing a continuous water supply to the approximately 1.2 million customers in our supply area. A proportion of those customers may at some point need extra support or face barriers in accessing our services and by removing these barriers we can improve the experience for all. We are passionate about ensuring we make a positive impact on the lives of our customers and communities. 

Our key aims for accessibility:
  • We try to ensure that all text is simple to understand.
  • Provide options for self-service to find the answers you need or contact us.

Compliance status

This website is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1 AA, with areas of non-compliance listed below.


We have made a concerted effort to make all service documents and recent reports accessible as either a readable PDF or by providing an alternative format such as text only. Any remaining older PDFs are not fully accessible to screen reader software, however none of these are required to access a service.
If you are having problems using PDFs, please contact for a different format.

We are required by our regulators to keep all our financial and regulatory reports available online, these can include highly technical or legal language. We have provided a text only accessible file for the latest documents. Documents for previous years are still available without a text only alternative, if you require further assistance with these reports then please email

We have identified areas of nonconformance below:

  • We are not responsible for, nor can we guarantee links to websites or tools that we do not own or manage will meet the same accessibility standards.
  • Our blogs have had many contributors and had utilised a self-service build previously, all blogs dated before 2023 may not follow required formatting or provide alternative text for images.
  • There are some technical limitations and restrictions due to our website hosting platform. 

Details below of the criteria affected by our hosting tool:

Applies to whole website
The formulation and sequence of HTML is generated by our content management system (CMS), and we are unable to override this (1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence).
The live chat button and cookies banner are low on the tabbing order (2.1.1 Keyboard).

Water quality checker tool
Error information is not announced by screen readers.

Pop up calendar to indicate date cannot be accessed through the keyboard (2.1.1 Keyboard)
Error warnings are only provided where fields are mandatory or data of the wrong type is entered into a field e.g., date, numbers only. (3.3.1 Error identification).
Cannot detect errors and provide responsive suggestions based on input (3.3.3 Error suggestion).
There is no option to reverse the submission of forms or provide error checks. (3.3.4 Error prevention).


Our compliance is applicable to supported web browsers, on desktop and mobile phone devices. 
Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser, and you may encounter issues when using this site with this web browser.
We welcome feedback on the accessibility of Bristol Water. You can reach out to us using the details on our contact page or by emailing 

This statement was updated in June 2023.
This website’s accessibility is reviewed on a regular basis.