Our Plan for Change 2025 – 30

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Our Plan for Change 2025-30

Our plan reflects your priorities, using the information more than 250,000 of you have told us over three years of engagement, research and feedback. We have heard from those of you living in towns and cities, those in rural communities, those living near beaches and those living inland. It has also reflected the views of businesses and households, visitors and residents, water retailers and housing developers.

You’ve told us, for example, that continuing to provide clean, resilient drinking water remains your number one priority. You’ve also told us that reducing pollutions and protecting our bathing waters is absolutely vital.

You agree with us, that as a socially responsible business, it is the right thing to ensure we are protecting the environment, enhancing nature and working to deliver net zero. And you’ve told us that we must balance the need and speed of change with keeping bills affordable for everyone, and supporting those customers who need additional help.

We have listened to your feedback, as well as to your challenges and concerns. We hear, and share, your passion for our region.

Informed and founded on your priorities, we have developed four strategic priorities, which together allow us to set and deliver Our Plan for Change.

BW affordability table

Latest information on our PR24 business plan 

Since submission of our PR24 business plan to Ofwat in October 2023, we have made changes to parts of our plan. These have been in response to requests from Ofwat or other regulators and to clarify some points in our original plan. The result of these changes to date is that Ofwat are now considering a PR24 business plan for South West Water (including Bristol Water) that includes total expenditure of £4,468.792million (down from £4,469.265 million from our October 2023 plan), and average annual customer bills of £596.04 by 2030 (down from £620.52 in our October 2023 plan). We expect Ofwat's draft determinations will be based on this expenditure and these bills.
The main reason for the change to our total expenditure for PR24 and associated average annual customer bills is due minor data alignments between our business plan tables and financial model.

Our business plan tables submitted on 2nd October, already included the Environment Agency’s 18 September 2023 version of the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP).

BRL - Calculation of PR24 business plan costs

SWB - Calculation of PR24 business plan costs

BRL PR24 - Business plan tables

SWB PR24 - Business plan tables

SBB PR24 - Business plan tables

BPT - Companies change log

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