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Our Priority Services register is for customers who need a little extra help and support. We have a range of free services available which can be tailored to your individual needs. To register for one or more of our additional support services, simply fill in the form below.

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2. About your needs

To ensure we can provide you with the best support, please tell us which of the below applies to you or someone living in your home

3. About how we can help you

Nominee Scheme

If you have difficulty communicating or find it hard to understand your bill and other information we may send you, you can nominate a carer, family member of friend to speak to us on your behalf.

Help during water supply interruptions

Occasionally, we may need to turn the water supply off to carry out essential works. We have a variety of means to let you know in advance but if you have additional needs, we can tailor our communications to suit your requirements. If the water is off for a longer period and you would have difficulty in collecting bottled water, we can arrange to get this delivered to you.

Reading Your Water Meter

If you have a water meter fitted and have difficulty reading it, we can arrange for one of our staff to read your meter more frequently.

If you have additional needs and wish to read your own meter, we can re-locate the meter, or discuss alternative options to make it easier for you to read.

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