Warning – phishing site and emails pretending to be us

Unfortunately, scammers and phishers are taking advantage of our trusted position in providing your water supply, and we’re aware of a website posing to be us. Our website address will always be www.bristolwater.co.uk – if you see ‘plc’ in the web address, this is not us.

Please also be aware that emails coming from us will normally only ever come from our customer services team.

If the email is addressed from an unheard of person posing to be Bristol Water, or our CEO, Mel Karam, please report it to customer services. As you can imagine, our CEO is busy running the company and would not contact businesses or individuals out of the blue without reason to! Unless you’ve been in touch with a member of our team directly or we’ve referred you to a team member, emails will nearly always come directly from our ‘customer services’ email account.


What are we doing about this?

Our IT team are actively working to report and get the website removed. Unfortunately, phishers target trusted companies like us, so it’s always important to be vigilant of cyber safety. We’ve included some tips below.


How can I spot a fake email?
  • Check the email address – it will always come from an @bristolwater.co.uk email address. Sometimes, phishers change the display name so always check the actual email address of the sender
  • Another sign is if the email is generic in nature (not addressed to you), contains spelling or grammatical mistakes, or the email content seems suspicious. For example, we will never ask for money or any details from you unexpectedly
  • If you’re in any doubt, don’t open it. Give our customer services team a call instead and we can advise if it’s really from us by looking on our systems
How can I spot a fake website?
  • The URL will always be a clear giveaway – our address is www.bristolwater.co.uk only – if you see any other variation, it is not us

If you receive an email you’re unsure of, please do not open or click the links in the email. Thank you for your patience as we handle this matter and please do pass this message on to others.