Take the 4 minute shower challenge

Are you ready to get your showers down to 4 minutes or less? You can save water and money with a shorter shower!


Why take a shorter shower?

By reducing your shower from 8 minutes to 4 you could save 40 litres of water each time! Plus you’ll knock £75 a year off your heating bill,* and reduce your carbon emissions by not heating all that extra hot water.

*Source, the Energy Saving Trust.

A woman takes a shower with towels wrapped around her

Get your free shower timer!

With a free 4 minute shower timer you'll know exactly how much time you've got to get yourself lovely and clean, without using too much water – which will save you buckets and £s on your bill too.

Shower timer counting how long someone has been in the shower

What else can you do?

Here's a few extra tips to save even more water on your showers.

Easy win

Got your 4 minute timer? Great – how about seeing how quick you can really get your showers? Set a new PB then beat it – who will be the shower champion in your house?

A bit more work

The soap and rinse technique. Turn the shower on and get wet, then turn it off whilst you lather up with soap. Finally, hop back in and turn on the shower to rinse off. It can take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll soon be trying to set personal bests for how quickly you can shower.   

Water saving hero

Skip a day. If you’re planning a duvet day, then going without a shower will help you to save buckets of water. Just pick a day where you don’t need to be red carpet ready and relax, safe in the knowledge that you've done your bit to save water.

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