Help us keep Cheddar Reservoir open for walks

With the warmer weather and half term upon us, Bristol Water are appealing to Cheddar residents to help us keep the reservoir open this year.


The appeal follows the decision to close the reservoir last summer during spells of hot weather, following an increase in unauthorised swimming, anti-social behaviour and littering.


Steve Smith, Estates Manager at Bristol Water, said: “We understand that closing the reservoir feels unfair for those who use it responsibly. We want to keep the path open and see closing the reservoir as a last resort.


“We’re appealing to everyone in the area – especially parents – to remind others to stay to the path if you’re visiting, and that it’s not safe to swim in the reservoir.


“We’re all for fun and good times, but only when it’s safe, the reservoir must be used for walks on the path only. If our officers and rangers see high levels of unsafe behaviour, and particularly if we see gatherings on the embankment with people refusing to comply with health and safety rules, we will have no choice but to consider closures again." 


Bristol Water will be actively reviewing and monitoring the reservoir over the long weekend. Together, we can play a role in keeping the reservoir open. Thank you to everyone that does use the reservoir responsibly.