How to make a complaint

Here you can find how to make a operational and billing complaint, and what our procedures are.

How to make a complaint

We're sorry you feel like you have to make a complaint. Our experienced customer team will look to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

The best way to resolve your complaint is by calling us and talking to our experts in customer services.

Our complaints process

Stage one

If you have a complaint about your bill or water supply and you contact us by telephone, we’ll try to resolve it immediately for you. If it isn’t possible for you to call us, you can use any of our other channels available.

If we can’t resolve your issue right away, we aim to resolve it within five working days. However, if it requires more investigation we’ll make sure we respond to you within ten working days from the date you contact us. We will be clear with you on the timescales of when we expect to resolve your complaint.

If we fail to respond within ten working days, you’ll automatically receive a payment under our customer charter the Bristol Water Promise. You can find out about our Customer Promise commitments.

Stage two

If you are unhappy with our initial response your complaint will be reviewed by a senior manager, they will respond to you within ten working days. 

Stage three

If you are not happy with the final resolution after your complaint has been reviewed by a manager, your issues is over eight weeks old, or you just want free, trusted, independent advice, you can contact the Consumer Council for Water (CCW). CCW are the independent voice for water consumers in England and Wales. You can also call them on 0300 034 2222. If CCW thinks your complaint is justified, we will be asked to take the
appropriate action to put things right.

Some types of complaints need to be dealt with by Ofwat, the Water Services Regulation Authority rather than CCW.  If this is the case CCW can advise you. 


Some helpful contacts


Address: Customer Services, BWBSL, 1 Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, BS48 1WA
Call: 0345 600 3600 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm)


Address: Customer Services, Bristol Water plc, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS13 7AT
Call: 0345 702 3797 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm. Emergency service at all other times)

Consumer Council for Water

Address: CCW, 23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4BH
Call: 0300 034 2222