Reading your water meter


This article helps you on reading your water meter and checking your water consumption.

The first thing to do is locate your water meter, there are three common locations for them which are:


  • In a box in your garden or drive
  • In a box in the footpath
  • Inside the property

If the meter is in a box then open the lid with a suitable device. You may also need a torch to help you read the meter, as it will often be some way below ground. You may also need to clean the soil or water from the box.


Water in the meter box does not mean there is a leak as it may be ground water.

However if the water is moving or flowing in the box or water is there during a dry spell may indicate there is a leak.


If the glass top of the meter is cloudy with condensation, tapping gently on the glass with a blunt tool will normally clear the droplets.


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Here is an example of how your meter will look...


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You'll be surprised how making small changes to how you live can result in a big reduction in the amount of water you use.


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