Take control of your water use

Water meters, like electricity or gas meters, record how much water you use, which means that when you take steps to reduce your water use, your water bill will also reduce, putting you in control of your bill.

Loads of great benefits

As you only pay for what you use, many people regard water meters as the fairest way to charge for your water services, but there are also loads of other great reasons why you should try a meter.

Save money

On average, customers who switched to a meter saved £100 on their water bill. You save water too.

Switch for free

There's no cost to you if you choose to have a meter fitted.

Pay as you go

Only ever pay for the amount of water you use. The less you use, the less you pay.

Change your mind

If you decide a meter is not for you, we'll switch you back for free within the first two years.

Change of Occupier

Be aware that from October 2016, through our Selective Metering Programme we aim to install a water meter in unmetered properties upon a change in occupancy.

This is part of our commitment to become a more sustainable water supplier, and it means you’ll only ever pay for the water you actually use.

Selective Metering

Read more about Selective Metering by clicking 'Selective metering information' below.

Beat the Bill

Our Beat the Bill campaign started in October 2017 with the aim to help customers reduce the amount of water they use.

An average person’s usage from 150 litres per day to 120 litres. By using less water there isn’t only an environmental impact but we have found that on average, people save around £100 on their water bill.

Read more about our campaign and if you’re a Beat the Bill participant apply for a meter

Switching to a meter saved us money and made us more aware of the water we use

Harriet Jones, Bristol Water customer

Save money with our free water saving devices...

When you have a meter, every time you use less water you pocket the savings on your bill. Because we're committed to reducing water consumption, we offer a range of free water saving products that could help you to maximise the money you save.

See if a meter could save you money

If you'd like to find out whether a meter will be able to save you money, why not try our online water saving calculator. It's full of useful tips and tricks to reduce your water consumption.

Most people save money with a water meter

That's right. Most of the customers we've installed water meters for have saved money. If you're a single person, or a small family in a larger house, you could find the non-metered charge is higher than the equivalent bill with a water meter.

We're often asked...

If you have an unmetered bill and a monthly payment arrangement in place, your annual bill is split over 10 monthly instalments: May to February. We do not take payments in March and April because during these months we generate bills for the forthcoming financial year.

If you have a metered bill and pay by a monthly budget arrangement we can take a payment each month of the year. We will automatically review your payments annually.

To set up a Direct Debit please visit http://www.bristolwater.co.uk/your-home/billing-payments/ways-to-pay/direct-debit/

There is no cost to close your account. Depending on the status of your account and any payment arrangement you may have, there could be a final balance to pay. If you're moving and need to tell us about your change of address, please complete this_online form. Alternatively contact us.

We supply water to 500,000 homes and businesses across Bristol City, North Somerset and areas of Bath, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. That's about 1.2m people who have access to our water every day. Wessex Water is responsible for providing sewerage services for the majority of our customers when they've finished using the water.

Your bill is due and payable on issue. To pay this online please visit

If you have subscribed to eBilling you will receive an email advising you when you have a new bill. If you are facing problems paying or wish to discuss a payment arrangement to spread the cost, please contact us.

Your property's rateable value is shown on the front page of your unmetered bill. If you have not yet moved into a property and would like to find out the rateable value, please contact us. 

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Already have a water meter...

You'll be surprised how making small changes to how you live can result in a big reduction in the amount of water you use.

If you already have a water meter and want to keep your usage up-to-date, you can submit a meter reading here.