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Problems with your water

Every day, our teams work to ensure your water is not only clean, but looks and tastes great. Sometimes, things can go wrong. Likely reasons are covered here.

Issues that may affect your water quality

When we carry out essential maintenance, or repairs to pipes in your area, this can cause sediment within those pipes to become disturbed, leading to issues with the quality of your water.

In instances where this could happen, we always take great care to minimise the impact on the quality of the water we supply to you, but occasionally this may cause temporary problems, such as cloudy water, or water that doesn't look or taste quite as it should.

Some of the more likely issues you may experience - and what to do about them - are detailed below.

Hard water

Hard water is caused by natural minerals in your water supply.

As a natural resource, not all water is the same. Whether you have hard or soft water will depend on the geographic factors within the area in which you live.

Hard water is actually caused by the minerals the water picks up along the journey from the source, to your tap. Most of the water in the region served by Bristol Water is classified as Hard, or Very Hard, due to the presence of limestone in the ground.

There are no health problems with hard water, but it can cause a few problems with your appliances and white goods, in some instances increasing wear. The good news is that by taking a few simple steps, the impact of hard water can be reduced.

Learn more by visiting our Hard Water page.

Discoloured water
Low pressure
High pressure
Funny taste or odour
Water additives

Work in your area that may impact on water quality

When we make repairs, we take care to minimise the impact on the quality of the water supply, however, sometimes the work may have a temporary impact on the quality of your water.

Check the water quality in your area

We've made it easy for you to check the water hardness and water quality in your area.

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If you have an unmetered bill and a monthly payment arrangement in place, your annual bill is split over 10 monthly instalments: May to February. We do not take payments in March and April because during these months we generate bills for the forthcoming financial year.

If you have a metered bill and pay by a monthly budget arrangement we can take a payment each month of the year. We will automatically review your payments annually.

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We supply water to 500,000 homes and businesses across Bristol City, North Somerset and areas of Bath, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. That's about 1.2m people who have access to our water every day. Wessex Water is responsible for providing sewerage services for the majority of our customers when they've finished using the water.

You can pay your bill by debit or credit card using our 24-hour automated telephone service by calling 0345 600 1019. You'll need to quote your 13 digit reference number which begins with 20 and can be found on your bill under your customer number. You can also pay your bill online via our website, or through your eBilling account. 

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