Apply for pension credit

Pension Credit
  • Before you begin
  • Your Details
  • Final checks

Before you start

To apply for this discount you will need:

  • Your customer number (you can find this on your water bill)

  • Your date of birth

  • To be able to upload evidence of your entitlement to pension credit to support your application**


  • To be able to provide a bank statement covering a month’s period which shows your state pension is your only form of income.**

** all evidence must be dated within the last 12 months and must confirm your name and address

If you are unsure whether you receive pension credit or if you need to obtain a letter as proof of your entitlement, please call the pension centre on 0345 606 0265 or visit to look up your nearest branch. Your local Age UK may also be able to check if you’re entitled to pension credit.

For any queries about completing the form call 0800 528 3838(Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) or email


Do you have a copy of your pension credit entitlement or a copy of your bank statement covering a months period that you can upload?