Our long-term ambition

Our vision for the future is “Trust beyond water – providing excellent customer experiences.” Learn more about our ambitions below...

Our customers and stakeholders expect more than just the product we supply. It reflects our mission to be: “A company that our communities trust and are proud of. To deliver excellent experiences and create social and economic value”.

We already work closely in collaboration with local communities, local businesses and stakeholders. We are well placed to continue to build on these relationships to meet the current and future needs of our customers, stakeholders and the environment, fulfilling a role well beyond the basic provision of water.

Bristol Water... Clearly

Bristol Water… Clearly is our long-term ambition looking ahead to 2050.

It sets out what we have been doing, who we have been listening to and working with, and what we could do in the future. It sets out some of the options we face for the long term, and how we plan to work with others to address shared challenges.

We have used the views of our customers, stakeholders and employees to develop this future ambition. Bristol Water… Clearly plays back what we have heard, and presents how we have translated these views into our plans for the future.

You can share your views on our future plans by emailing strategyandregulation@bristolwater.co.uk, or join the conversation on Twitter @BristolWater using #bristolwaterclearly

See below a summary of our of our objectives and you can download the full version of Bristol Water… Clearly below.

Excel at Customer Experience

Building trust and achieving customer excellence needs to continue. This is our top priority.

  • Improve our communication channels.
  • Improving the use of data, e.g. linking asset information to customer data.
  • Transform the way that we deliver so that every interaction with us is positive e.g. reduced traffic disruption from our works.
  • Faster response to our customers.
  • Customer centric asset decisions e.g. network geographic location link to customers
  • Give customers choice of bundled services – e.g. provide water efficiency choice
  • Customer self service – e.g. Direct Debit payment choices used to help trigger vulnerable service promotion.
  • All customers with good water pressure (including end consumers on shared connections).
Develop our people and our business
Being Trusted
Leading Efficiency