25,000 plastic bottles saved from landfill

In 2018, we went bigger than ever and visited 13 events, including festivals across our vast supply area such as Valley Fest, Backwell Festival and Forest Live. Check below for all the details.

Reducing plastic waste, one festival at a time...

The water bar is a free to use pop-up bar that we take to events and festivals in and around Bristol to get people to refill bottles with tap water rather than buying and throwing away single-use plastic bottles.

In 2016, we created our pop-up Bristol Water Bar with City to Sea to give people free drinking water at events and festivals across our supply area.

The aim of the campaign is firstly to reduce plastic waste. If the world carries on with its current level of plastic usage, it is expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. That simply cannot happen. We also aim to keep the population healthy and hydrated in the most economical way possible. Plastic bottles of water cost up to 1,000 times more than tap water: still most people drink bottled water when out and about.

In its first year, we took the bar to Bristol Pride, Redfest and the International Balloon Fiesta. It proved a huge success with over 4,000 litres of good old tap water drunk at the Balloon Fiesta alone. We estimate that we saved more than 10,000 plastic bottles going to landfill, a staggering number.

In November 2016, the Water Bar won the Environmental Innovation of Year Award at the Bristol Post Environment Awards, something we are very proud of. This year, it was awarded the Community Project of the Year and Outstanding Innovation Awards at the Water Industry Achievement Awards in Birmingham.

In 2017, we were on the road again, visiting five local events: Keynsham Music Festival, Upfest, Peaceful Portway and, for the second time, Bristol Pride and the International Balloon Fiesta.


The Water Bar in action!

Water Bar 2018 Tour Dates





Varsity Bristol 29th April You missed it!
Foodies Festival Bristol 11th - 13th May You missed it!
Bierfest Bristol 18th - 20th May You missed it!
Festival of Nature Bristol 9th - 10th June You missed it!
Forest Live Westonbirt Arboretum 14th - 17th June You missed it!
DogFest Bristol 23rd - 24th June You missed it!
Keynsham Festival Keynsham 30th June - 1st July You missed it!
Blackwell Festival Blackwell 7th - 8th July You missed it!
Bristol Pride Bristol 14th July You missed it!
Bristol Harbour Festival Bristol 20th - 22nd July You missed it!
Upfest Bristol 28th - 30th July You missed it!
Valley Fest Chew Valley 3rd - 5th August You missed it!
Baloon Fiesta Bristol 9th - 12th August You missed it!

And the award goes to...

Since the Water Bar first hit the festival circuit 2 years ago, it's been recognised for loads of awards, for it's contribution to raising awareness of water sustainability.

Big Bang Award for Innovation

Utility Week Stars Awards (2018)

Community Project of the Year

Water Industry Achievement Awards (2018)

Outstanding Innovation Award

Water Industry Achievement Awards (2018)

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