3 quick and easy tips to help you save money on your water bill

As fuel and energy bills continue to soar, the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) is sharing their top tips to help people save money on their water bills. Let’s find out how we can manage our water bills, reduce water consumption and save money.


How to save money on water bills



1) Switch to a water meter

Did you know that switching to a water meter can save you up to £200 a year? Thanks to Bristol Water’s Money Back Guarantee Scheme, if you swap to a meter and your bills aren’t cheaper after 2 years, we’ll refund the difference. There's nothing to lose but plenty to save! 


4 out of 10 households don’t yet have a water meter, so there are lots of you that could be saving hundreds every year. Have we convinced you? Sign up in seconds with our easy online application form. 


Read our blog on water meters to bust some old myths and see how they can help you save money and the planet!




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2) Reduce your hot water use 

Much of the water we use in our homes comes from the hot tap. That means if you have a water meter you can double up on water and energy savings too. 


If every person in a family of four halved their daily shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes they could save almost £700 a year.* 


*combined water and energy savings with a family using an electric shower.


3) Use water saving products


Did you know that Bristol Water offers FREE water saving accessories? Here are 3 of our family favourites: 


2 minute crocodile toothy timer


The toothy timer can save up to 18 litres every time your child brushes by encouraging them to turn off the tap in between rinses. That's almost 32 pints of milk! Just turn the crocodile when you start to brush your teeth and stop when all the sand runs out. 


4 minute shower timer


This simple timer helps you to keep track of your water consumption in the shower. With 25% of the average British household’s energy bill being spent heating water, you can knock plenty of pounds off your bill with shorter showers. Simply flip the 4 minute shower timer when you get into your shower, and try to finish by the time the sand runs out.


Plant water-saving gel


This super-smart water saving gel dramatically reduces the need for frequent watering. It’s really easy to use, just mix the gel with compost before planting, then water to activate the crystals. This will store water that the plant roots can extract as required. 


green plant leaves covered in water


See our full range of FREE water saving products. 


Payment plans & financial support


If you need help with paying your bill, there are a number of different payment and assistance schemes available that might help you balance your household budget.


At Bristol Water, we can help you: 


  • Spread the cost of your bills
  • Pay us directly from your benefits
  • Repay debt and get back on track
  • Lower your water bills
  • Save money and water with a meter

If you’re struggling with bill payments, Bristol Water offers a variety of services to help, including: 


  • Discount for low income pensioners
  • Scope's Disability Energy Support
  • Payment plans
  • Social tariffs 
  • Debt management 

Visit our Payment plans and Help with paying your bills pages to see Bristol Water’s full range of payment support options. 


More advice from CCW


CCW, the voice for water consumers, offers a wide range of tools and advice on how to save money and access help. Visit their website for more information.