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Charlton Road, Keynsham
23/06/2022 12:00
The road is now fully reinstated. We've removed the traffic management and are reopening the road. 
Thank you to everyone for being so patient as our crew have worked tirelessly in the heat this week to get the repairs completed. 
20/06/2022 13:10
We will be backfilling and reinstating the road and grass verges up to Wednesday this week. We will then be looking to put the final touches back on the road with the lines and cat eyes and hope to removed the traffic management and reopen the road at some point Thursday afternoon.
17/06/2022 18:20
We're working on getting everyone's water pressure completely back to normal. Properties on higher ground will take a little longer for the pressure to build up to reach them. 
We're aware there are 30 properties still not in water, we've got staff out resolving the issue now, and will be delivering bottled water to these properties. 
17/06/2022 18:00
 We're aware some customers in Compton Dando's water supplies are still affected. We're sending some more Inspectors to the area to continue investigations and will post updates as soon as we have them from site. 
17/06/2022 17:00
 Our crew have been sorting some valves on the network to get the water pressure back to normal for everyone. 
We're still carrying out some more checks along the pipes, but your water should be returning to normal shortly - It can take a little while for the water to flow through all the network and reach your home, thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding today. 
17/06/2022 15:00
 Our crew are still on site, the road is significantly damaged and a road closure is still in place as it isn't safe for our crew or vehicle users to use the road currently. 
We've had a few instances of the road closure being ignored, we don't want to cause any delays to your journey, but please be safe and follow the diversion signs. 
17/06/2022 13:00
 The burst main is repaired, and we have rerouted the water supply back to normal.
We're aware some customers are still out of water and have Inspectors out on site carrying out some more changes in the network to get everyone back in water asap. 
Bottled water is still available from The Globe Inn, Corston, for anyone who needs it. 
Once everyone is back in water, we will begin backfilling and reinstating the road, with the aim to have this fully completed and cleared away as quickly as possible. 
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 
17/06/2022 10:35
 Unfortunately the supply feeding Corston and Newton St Lowe will temporarily drop out again whilst we reverse the changes made to our network that brought people back in to water last night.
We'll do this as quickly as possible so that you can get back to normal.
We have bottled water available for collection at The Globe Inn, Corston, BA2 9BB, if required.
We will provide an update once we have them.
17/06/2022 09:50

The main has now been repaired, as it was quite a large main feeding a substantial area, it may take a little while for the water to reach those of you who are still out of water, but don’t worry it’s on its way.


We have received some calls this morning in regards of water showing in Corston, please do not worry this is a fire hydrant that has been left open intentionally to reduce the amount of air in the pipe following our repair.


If you have water and it is cloudy, please do not worry this is just tiny air bubbles which will dissipate. We recommend you fill a jug and pop it into your fridge.


We apologise for the ongoing disruption and we will provide an update once we have them.


16/06/2022 22:00
While repairs are ongoing this evening, we now have bottled water available for collection at The Globe Inn, Corston, BA2 9BB. If you need some additional supplies, please do pop over. We have staff on site who will be happy to help you.
We apologise for the ongoing disruption to water supplies. We're continuing to work as fast as we can to get water back up and running for all the remaining properties in the area.
Supplies are back for most residents now, but we know the Corston and Newton St Loe areas continue to be affected. We'll continue to provide further updates as we have them.
16/06/2022 19:55
Our crew has reached the pipe underground and the repair is well underway. It will take time to complete, but in the meantime, we're making good progress rerouting water supplies from elsewhere in our network. In order get this water to the affected area, it has to navigate steep gradients and this requires additional pressure to move supplies to where we need them.  
In the meantime, we've delivered bottled water to some of our vulnerable customers.
We're working hard to get water back to normal as soon as we possibly can this evening. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
16/06/2022 18:00
Not much of an update from us but our team are still on site working hard excavating the pipe to enable us to start on the repair. We've managed to get one of the districts back in water and are assessing what we can do to bring others back in before the repair is done.
16/06/2022 16:45
We have managed to redirect the water from the area and start digging to expose the damaged pipe. We will continue to keep you updated as and when we get updates from our hard working crew. 
16/06/2022 15:12
Our team are still on site and with support from Avon Fire Service, we are still trying to control the volume of water, so we can see the full extent of the damage. We do have all materials on site so that we can start the repair as soon as it is safe to do so. We will continue posting our hourly updates.
16/06/2022 14:07
There are now two road closures currently in place on Charlton Field Lane and Charlton Road. Our crews are on sight and working hard to try and reduce the amount of water coming out of the burst main so we can assess the damage to the pipe. This will allow us to identify how we can make the repair. We will post another update in a hours time. 
16/06/2022 1pm
We have identified a leak on our large main on Charlton Road Keynsham, the police have closed the road due to the large amount of water.
Our inspector is on site with a crew on the way so that we can look at getting this repaired.
We will post another update in an hour or once we have more information.
We apologise for any interruption to your supply.
16/06/2022 11:40am

We have been made aware of a burst main on Charlton Road. This Burst is affecting multiple districts, Keynsham, Saltford and Whitchurch.

An Inspector is on site and a crew are already on route.

Customer affected may have low water pressure or no water.

We apologise for any interruption to your supply.


For more information and to see the area affected, take a look at In Your Area.