Cheaper with a meter - refund scheme explained


If you switch to a meter after 18 February 2022, you can get a refund if it ends up costing you more following a two year period. We're that confident you'll save! 



How does the refund scheme work?


Under our Cheaper with a Meter refund scheme, customers who choose to switch to a metered tariff after 18 February 2022 are entitled to a refund if their metered bills are higher than their unmetered bills. The difference will be credited if you decide to switch back to unmetered billing two years after installation.


You can change back to unmetered billing before the two years cooling-off period unless one of the conditions below applies:

  • There is a change of occupier or the principal use of
    the property is no longer residential
  • You use something other than a handheld device for
    watering your garden – for example, a sprinkler
  • You have automatic systems to fill up a swimming
    pool, pond or lake with a capacity of over 10,000 litres
  • Customers who have previously reverted at their
    current property are unable to revert again.
Please note:

  • Any meters fitted through a change of occupier are not eligible for this scheme
  • If a customer chooses to revert within the two years, they will not be eligible for the scheme
  • If a leak occurs during the two years, we will send a letter notifying the customer that the scheme has been extended until their next meter reading
  • If the customer opts to revert, any overpayment made on the water meter will be credited against the new unmetered bill. If this bill is covered in full and there is credit remaining, this will be refunded to the customer.
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