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Evolution of the Social Contract

As our social contract will move and grow as society does. Read our story..

What is a social contract anyway?

By Bethan Stone | May 29, 2020
If you’ve been following us over the last two years, you probably would have seen or heard the words ‘social contract’. But what do these words really mean? Our social contract is an actual document, a promise we’ve made and… Read More

A collective vision for Citizens for the future.

By Michelle Davies | July 24, 2019
Last Friday (12 July) Bristol Water and Bristol Green Capital Partnership co-hosted a workshop with city stakeholders to develop a vision for ‘Citizens for the Future’. The objective was to develop a vision for citizens and employees for the future… Read More
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The meaning of life… for a water company

By Michelle Davies | June 26, 2019
Have you ever thought about the meaning of life, what we are here to do? I know I have; for me it’s part of trying to make sense of juggling work and family commitments and to stay focussed on what… Read More

Social contract and sustainable development

By Iain McGuffog | May 8, 2019
Our social contract journey at Bristol has a wide range of influences – at its heart is our purpose – to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, our communities, our colleagues and the environment beyond the… Read More
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Our social contract is a link between education and public wellbeing

By Alex Smethurst | April 10, 2019
Education leads to an understanding of the impact of one’s actions, which provides the incentive for change and for encouraging others to change. The greater the number of people who make the same change in their behaviours, the greater the… Read More

Social Contracts – an investor perspective

By Paul Malan | April 10, 2019
I came on to the Board of Bristol Water in 2016 following an ownership change.  It is fair to say that Bristol Water faced a range of challenges at the time, having appealed the two previous price reviews to the… Read More
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Why it was scary to talk about our social contract

By Danielle Emerson | March 20, 2019
The concept of talking to customers about our social contract was a first quite daunting, it’s an evolving concept and I’ll admit – we didn’t have all of the answers. But, I guess, that’s kind of the point… Just quickly,… Read More

Renewing our past for the good of people

By Mel Karam | March 12, 2019
In my early morning run today I came across a field of daffodils. It’s another few days until spring equinox, and the blooms reminded me of dark winters coming to an end and nature awakening, ready for spring renewal, time… Read More
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What do Bristol and Amsterdam have in common?

By James Holman | February 27, 2019
What do the cities of Bristol, Amsterdam, Brussels, Helsinki and Seville have in common? Vibrant culture? Stunning architecture? Fascinating history? Great food? A love of sport? All of course true, but perhaps less well known is that all are served… Read More

The Origins of Social Contract Theory

By Alex Smethurst | February 12, 2019
Introduction Our social contract reflects our purpose to have a positive impact for society in what we do, building trust beyond the delivery of pure and reliable water supplies.  But what does a ‘social contract’ mean? Where did it come… Read More

What does trust mean to you?

By Michelle Davies | January 28, 2019
A quick Google search will give you some ideas on key words related to trust: confidence, belief, faith, reliance. There are also many different trust definitions available online, which for me illustrates how personal trust is. One of the trust… Read More
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Can a company be happy? Bristol Water, and our purpose in society

By Iain McGuffog | January 16, 2019
Ask people what they get the most satisfaction from at work and hopefully the answer isn’t just “getting paid” – that is important and working without pay is something that is pretty demotivating – working in the public sector with… Read More
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Bringing Local Back

By Mel Karam | January 16, 2019
I’ve been living in Bristol for about 18 months now since taking the role as Chief Executive at Bristol Water. And the place is striking; it’s different to any place I’ve ever lived in. I wrote recently about the local… Read More
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Hungry for a local approach

By Mel Karam | January 16, 2019
Maybe it’s nearly lunch time and I‘ve been thinking about where to eat. Bristol is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK with more options of where to eat than most places… But where to go? Greens? The… Read More
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Meaningful work

By Rob Ellis | August 24, 2018
I was listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Diane Morgan, not your usual place for work advice, and I don’t think they were planning on helping someone working in the utilities sector, but they did. When asked about how she writes,… Read More