The Little Things Matter

To make the world a better place for people we don't believe in big numbers. We believe in doing little things everyday to make local communities better...

Time to Think Again

If you thought we just did water then you need to take a closer look...

Our Vision


Our Community

Our framework for how we will deliver for the wellbeing of society to build the trust of our customers. Join the conversation #HydroSocialContract

The Initiatives

We have a number of themes that show the aspects that our local community initiatives and social contract will focus on

Rob ellis the bristol water head of communications at water aid teaching kids about water

Education & Skills

Harnessing the power of the next generation, inspiring future customers and providing opportunities for customers and staff to develop skills and experience.

Bristol water staff excited at the water bar

Community Engagement

Working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of the community.

Image of an older man with a look of amazement on his face holding a baby owl


Protecting and enhancing natural resources through the proactive management of our sites and through measuring and improving biodiversity



Promoting and facilitating the enjoyment of our sites through recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, walking, cycling and birdwatching.



Working with local stakeholders to help provide extra support to those customers who need it, through extra care services or social tariffs and debt advice.

Academic partnerships

Academic Partnerships

Linking academic research to business challenges and experience to tackle key issues such as resource efficiency.  Providing opportunities for learning through MSc projects and other partnerships

image of tim bowles mayor of west england by the bridge near queen square

Regional Strategy

Supporting the development of regional strategies through working with local government – for example the West of England Combined Authority, or progress towards a carbon-neutral Bristol.

Expanding support

Resource West

Working with local partners to deliver a joined up approach to resource efficiency across different sectors – combining resources and amplifying messages to customers.

Still want more? We held an event with local people and some very interesting water folks to chat about our social contract. Read a quick summary below. We've also summed up the whole thing in a couple of pages