Our customers

Our customers are the life and energy of our business and everything we do is to improve the experience we give them. Below you'll find information on just some of the things we do try and improve our service...

Things we're doing with our customers...


The Youth Board

The Bristol Water Challenge Panel


The Bristol Water Challenge Panel provides assurance to the economic water regulator Ofwat that Bristol Water has incorporated the preferences and priorities of customers in its business plan for the period 2020 to 2025.


The Bristol Water Challenge Panel contributed to the design of the research programme to find out the answer to key questions. We needed to ensure the customers view was represented in the report.


To download a copy of the Bristol Water Challenge Panel Report on the Business Plan for 2020 - 2025 see the resources section for this and other reports.

Meet Peaches, our Independant Chair


Peaches joined the Challenge Panel as Chair in 2016. She is well know locally and in 2017 she became Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for the City and County of Bristol.

Bristol Water's Youth Board

Our annual Youth Board activity is a part of Bristol Water's social contract initiatives.

Every year we engage with 20 six-form students from different schools and discuss various business issues and topics.


This activity benefits both Bristol Water and the students, as we get the views of our future customers, and they get an insight about the modern business.


In 2021 Youth Board was conducted virtually over 2 days. We covered a range of topics, including: the importance of various departments and their main challenges going forward, water consumption and water saving tips, as well as Bristol Water customer priorities.


Bristol Water is committed to listening to future generations and understanding their views, and we will continue to conduct our Youth Board annually.

Our collaborators in this project...

Bristol Cathedral
V6 Sixth Form
Badminton School
king alfred school
Gordano School
St Bedes School

How else can I get involved?

There are a number of ways you can make your voice heard in our community events some below...












Online Panel


Register to join the Bristol Water Online Panel and contribute to your water company. It’s pretty simple stuff about your water and our service


Water Forum


Our Water Forum members get together regularly to discuss all things Bristol Water and they really help us move forward as a business


Current research


  • Annual Customer Survey – This survey asks 1000 of our household customers how they think we are performing. This research is being conducted by Future Focus Research .
  • Annual PSR Customer Survey – This new survey asks 500 customers registered on the PSR how satisfied they are with the service they receive. This survey is being carried out by Future Focus Research.
  • Annual Stakeholder Survey – This in-depth survey focuses on the perceptions of some key stakeholders from around our supply area. This is being carried out by Future Focus Research.
  • Local Community Satisfaction Survey – This survey of our Social Contract Partners measures satisfaction with how we are delivering our Social Contract. This is being carried out by Future Focus Research.