Water Meters

Most of us do everything we can to save water, we know it’s important to everyday life. By switching to a meter you can also save money from all that hard work.

With a meter you don’t pay for what you don’t use. On average, people who have one save about £100 a year. It’s free to switch and if you don’t save money within the first two years you can switch back for free too.

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Benefits of a water meter
  • You could save up to £100 a year on your water bill
  • You will probably save money on your energy bill too. About 25% of your energy bill is for heating water
  • It helps us detect leaks much quicker
  • Having a water meter helps to save water
  • You only pay for what you use

To find out more about your water usage then fill out our Save Water Save Money calculator.

How does metered billing differ ?

If you are not on a water meter then your bill will be a rateable value bill. The Rateable Value (RV) figures were set by the Valuation Office of the Inland Revenue. All properties prior to the introduction of the Poll Tax in 1990 were given an RV. The RV is used to make a fixed charge for the property and the bill is not based on how much water is used.

A metered bill is based on the amount of water you use. We come to read your meter every few months so we know how much you have used and we bill you for that only. If the meter is showing high water usage then this may be because of a leak. So we can let you know so it is fixed ASAP.

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