Retail Water Market

About the Retail Water Market

Since April 2017, over 1.2 million eligible businesses and other non-household customers in England have been able to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services.

Household customers and non-eligible businesses in our area of supply will continue to be served by Bristol.

How the market works

Businesses and other non-household customers are able to shop around for their water and wastewater retailer like they do for other goods and services. Retail suppliers will compete for customers by offering them the best deal.

Who is eligible?

Since April 2017, the UK Government has estimated that about 1.2 million customers are eligible to choose their retail service supplier and shop around to get the best deal for them.

A small number of eligible customers are in Wales.

Eligibility largely depends on:

  • whether premises are used mainly for business, rather than domestic use
  • where an existing water and/or wastewater supplier is based

Use Open Water’s eligibility guide to find out whether you are eligible.