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Worth, Yarley, Henton & Bleadney

We are replacing the water mains in your area to ensure you receive the reliable water supply you deserve.

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The scheme at a glance...

Start date

Monday 29 July


6 months

Estimated end date

Friday 14 February 2020


Lewis Civil Engineering

What are we doing?

Over time, old metal pipes can become rusty and corrode, which increases the chance of a leak or burst. To ensure you receive a reliable water supply, we are replacing the water mains in the area.

We know that roadworks can be frustrating but we will be working as quickly as possible and we will keep you updates at all times.

The work will reduce the chance of a leak or burst happening in the future, so in the long term, the work really is worth it.

What's happening when?

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How can I stay updated?


We will send letters to those houses affected by the works at least two weeks in advanced. 

This Webpage

We will keep this page updated with the latest information and will update it when there is something new to say.

Social media

Message us on our Facebook and Twitter (@BristolWater) page and we will reply as soon as we can

Call us

Speak to our customer service team by calling:

0345 702 3797

Home built before 1966?

If so, a metal water pipe may have been used for electrical earthing. The work we are carrying out may mean that the water pipe is no longer suitable for earthing your property.

We strongly recommend that you seek advice of an approved electrician who may recommend an earthing check.  


Dates are subject to change

Please note the dates given are current estimated dates and are subject to change. Changes will be due to completion of other work. We may find we are ahead of schedule or behind schedule throughout the programme. You will be given at least two weeks’ notice of any impact that will affect you.

Interruptions to your water supply

Throughout the work there will be short periods when we will need to turn your water off. This is usually needed to connect your supply pipe to the main. If this is required, you will receive an advanced warning notice 48 hours prior to the interruption advising you of the date, time and duration that this will happen.


On-street parking may be partially restricted at times and ‘no parking’ signs and cones may be located around some areas in advance. To ensure we can complete the work to schedule, please do not move the cones or park in coned areas.