What to do when you have no water

If you wake up to find you have no water coming out your kitchen tap, there are a few easy checks you can do first to make sure you can’t quickly fix the issue in the comfort of your own home before getting in touch with us.

Check if the whole property is affected

If your kitchen tap isn’t running, take a look to see if your toilet is running. If it is, then it probably means it’s an issue with your internal plumbing. We won’t be able to help you out with internal issues, but we can give you a list of all the approved plumbers in your area.

Ask your neighbour

Stick your head over the wall or give them a quick knock to see if they also have no water. If their supply is fine then it could be that someone’s turned off your outside stop tap for building work so have a look to see if anyone on the street is having work done. This is more likely in terraced houses or flats that share the same supply pipe.

Check your internal stop tap is open

Your internal stop tap is basically where the water comes into your home. Double check it hasn’t been turned off by someone in the house. If you don’t know where your stop tap is, we’ve written a guide on how you can find it.

Use our live map

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still have no water, go online to our live status map to see if there’s an incident in your area. You can access it here.

Report the problem

If you still have no water and you can’t see an issue on the live map, we might not know about it yet so it’s important to give us a heads up! Give us a call and let us know what your problem is and we’ll get right on it.