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Saving Water

This article teaches you more ways to save water, money and how to drink more of it.

Here at Bristol Water we are always trying to encourage our customers to drink more water and waste less of it.

Only 4% of the clean tap water water each person uses everyday is for drinking. The rest goes on washing clothes, washing yourself, flushing the toilet or feeding the garden.

Therefore we like to give away lots of free water saving devices to help you waste less water. And if you are on a meter it will also save you money!

The water industry is interesting as it is one of very few industries in the world that encourages its customers to use less of its product. Water is precious, it takes a lot to get it to your taps. We know water is important to our everyday lives but we want people to waste less.

Image of pennies in a glass with water

We have a number of tips that we encourage people to take to reduce how much they waste.

Tip - Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth.

Save - 18 Litres of Water

Did you know? - Brushing your teeth with a running tap uses 9 litres of water a minute.

Tip - Make your shower 4 minutes long instead of 10.

Save - 20 Litres of Water

Did you know? - Having a typical length shower uses an average of 62 litres of water.

Tip - Put a full wash on as opposed to half a wash

Save - Up to 10 Litres of Water

Did you know? - Washing your clothes with a typical washing machine uses an average of 112 litres of water a week.

Need a little more help...

You'll be surprised how making small changes to how you live can result in a big reduction in the amount of water you use.

Submit a meter reading today and get a true update on your meter reading and how much water you've used.