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Rob’s top 5 tips for saving water

I’ve spent my week living with the same amount of water as people from other countries. On some days, I had as little as 4 litres, and on other days, I had as much as 400 litres!! You can read how I got on by clicking here. These are my tops tips to help you save water and basically save the world. Go you, what a hero! 1. Tell your water company how much you think the average water consumption should be. Seriously, this will make a difference. The water industry is heavily regulated, and the business plan of every water company has to reflect what customers have said. So, for example, if you all say you want the average water consumption to be 120 litres a day per person, your water company has to do all it can to make that happen. All water companies put out plans that ask what you think it should be. 2. Cut down on your shower time. I found showering for 1 minute fine – maybe once a week or so showering a little longer (I appreciate I don’t have as much hair as some people). The average shower time in the UK is about 6 minutes. If you cut down on this just by 2 minutes, you can save over 20 litres! I have also discovered the ‘navy shower’, which is turning off the shower when putting soap or shampoo on. It works, and it’s easy. 3. Wear fewer pieces of clothing. I don’t mean walking around in your pants. I mean wearing the same clothes more than once sometimes. For example, when I get home from work, I change. But, I am only wearing these clothes for a couple of hours before going to bed, so I can easily wear them for a few days. As a result, I need to put on fewer washes! You won’t stink, and you ain’t going anywhere, so why not. The washing machine, on average, uses 52 litres of water every time you use it, so make sure it’s full when you put it on. 4. Get a water meter. I know some of you won’t like this, and it sounds like the normal boring water company stuff, but it makes a difference. Those on a meter save about 23% on their water usage. It’s free to get one, and you can switch back within two years for free too. 5. Turn the taps off whilst brushing your teeth!! I can’t believe this is still a thing! Leaving your tap running whilst brushing your teeth wastes so much water: 18 litres on average (if you’re brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes). So, that equals 36 litres a day, 252 litres a week, or 13,104 litres a year wasted! That is the same as the average use of one person for 3 months for EVERYTHING!!