Spawn to be Wild

Our legendary schools programme to bring eels back to our waters has won several awards, and we are very proud of it. It's leading the industry and puts kids in touch with the story of the endangered eel.

The story of the endangered eel

The European eel is a critically endangered species. Since the 1970s, the numbers of eels reaching Europe is thought to have declined by around 90%.

Watch this video to find out about Spawn to be Wild and how we try to save this fascinating creature.

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Together For Good

Every month we are giving away £500 to a local project or charity within our supply area.

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The Water Bar

Our Water Bar has won multiple awards for it's interesting and unique concept.

Water bottle filled from tap

Refill Revolution

Our fountain in Millennium Sq saved 8,000 single-use plastic bottles from going to waste in one month!