Working with our future customers

We have successfully held our first Youth Board meeting on Monday 29 January with 20 sixth form students from across the Bristol area. This is the first year of our Youth Board, which brings the views of young adults into the decision-making we do to plan our future operations. We’ve recruited 20 individuals  to join the board to allow their voices to be heard at executive level and provide a unique opportunity for them to kickstart a career in the world of business. ‘The Youth Board is a really exciting idea and something that I think is going to give us a lot more insight into how things are likely to turn out in the future,’ says Head of Water Resource & Environment Patric Bulmer. ‘In order for us to know what’s coming towards us, we need to engage with the people who are going to be our customers in a few years time; it is not just a question of talking to people who already are our customers.’



During the day, students had the opportunity to see how we operate, meet other like-minded sixth formers from around the region and propose their ideas for solving various water-related issues. ‘I think talking to the generation who at some point will probably become your customers is a great idea,’ says Eva Marcias Moreton from Colston’s Girls’ School. ‘Also, I enjoy these kind of projects where you are thinking about problems and issues and trying to come up with solutions and then working with people who can actually put your solutions into action.’ The students will also get a formal reference for use in UCAS or apprenticeship applications and a £100 reward for taking part. The next meeting is taking place later in March.