Royate Hill burst: Q&A

When will my water supply return?


We are currently diverting the water away from the damaged section of the water main, which will hopefully restore water supplies within the next couple of hours (correct as of: 11:15am)


Why is my water discoloured?


Some people might notice their water is starting to come back but look yellow or brown, while this is safe to drink, it doesn’t look very appetising and it might have a bit of a funny taste to it. It is completely fine to flush toilets and wash hands, though. We aren’t yet sure when your supply will return to normal but we will be keeping you updated on our Service Status page.


I can’t get hold of alterative water supplies due to a disability or condition. What should I do?


Please phone our customer service team, we are here to help and are delivering bottled water to those on our priority services register. If you have a disability or medical condition we can arrange alternative water provision.


What caused this burst?


During the summer and winter months, when the weather is at it’s harshest, we can see huge shifts in temperature. This can affect our pipes massively as the ground shakes and moves as it expands and contracts – this means that even the thickest mains can get knocked around and damaged.


What areas are affected?


The main areas include: Speedwell, Eastville, Fishponds, Horfield, Kingswood, Lockleaze, St George, Southwell & Stapleton.


When will Royate Hill be reopened?


A diversion route is in place and the road will remain closed for between 3-5 days for safety purposes. We recommend avoiding the area if possible.