Pensioners across Bristol and Somerset are missing out on nearly £2million

Low income pensioners across Bristol and Somerset are missing out on nearly £2million in unclaimed money towards water bills.

The sum, which is enough to purchase this 10 bed grade II listed mansion in Bridgwater, has been revealed today by Bristol Water as part of national Talk Money Week (18 – 22 November 2019).Ben Newby, Chief Customer Officer at Bristol Water, said: “If you claim pension credit as your only form of income, you’re eligible for 20% off the cost of your water bill. “This saving could make a real difference when you consider that’s around an extra £80 in your pocket a year, based on the average water bill. We can even discount the payment until your last billing period. “But it’s not just pensioners who could benefit. We have a whole range of schemes designed to make sure water bills are manageable.”


The revelation comes as part of national Talk Money Week (18 – 21 November 2019), where organisations encourage customers to talk money and understand what help and services are available.Other customers who could benefit from lower bills include those on a low income who have a reason for high water use, such as having three or more children in the household, or a medical condition which makes you use more water. Bristol Water work with and support local charities and organisations, including Age UK and Citizens Advice services to promote the services on offer and are now launching a campaign to encourage people to claim these additional services on offer.


To apply for the pension credit discount, an application form can be completed online here: or by calling 0800 528 3838.