Making a difference with our education assets

These have been really tough times for all of us, a global pandemic, furlough’s, working from home, our schools not always being open and all those fun things we enjoy have either stopped, re-started and stopped again under lockdown. So maybe it was a good time to launch our new suite of education assets and some water related knowledge and learning to remind us all how important and precious water is?


Feeling that you’re making a difference to those having to manage either home or school learning by providing something very simple and easy for big and little children to do as well as hoping to increase our overall  knowledge of that limited resource called water has also really helped me to keep going through these difficult and challenging times.


The number of asset downloads have been well beyond our wildest dreams with over 5000 already. Wow

And the good news is there is still much more to come with our Education Toolkit and our new “Foundation” web site. So watch this space!


So a massive thank you to all those Mums’ Dads, Guardians, Grandparents, Schools, Teachers and Future Scientists, Engineers, Environmentalists and of course our citizens of the future from myself, Prof H2O, Hydro Harry, Eco Ninja, Squidge and Snap and our Social Contract Team.


We salute you all and we are really proud to have helped in some small way. Keep Safe.


Download our education assets here