Drop the hose: help keep water pressure high for all

The below article applies to those living in the following postcodes : BS2, BS3, BS7, BS8, BS10, BS11, BS15, BS16, BS32, BS35, BS41. This is because they’re all linked to the same water storage facilities



We’re appealing to homes in certain BS postcodes to ‘drop the hose’ between 3pm – 7pm to help ensure everyone receives good water pressure.


The times of 3pm – 7pm reflect the peak times in which we use our water supply the most – by reducing the amount of water we use during peak time, we can help ensure there’s enough for everyone. Small steps like avoiding watering the garden between these times can make a big difference to others.


The ask comes as a result of the extreme demand of the heatwave, coupled with the reduction in water storage that feeds into these areas as a result of the burst water main on Colliters Way on the weekend.


Sue Clarke, Head of Customer Experience, said: “The team is working 24/7 behind the scenes to pump an additional 20% more water around the region – the equivalent of filling up Bristol’s floating harbour. We really appreciate everyone’s patience during the weekend burst, and taking this small step can make a real difference to others in terms of water pressure.”


There is no hosepipe ban, and there is no intention to introduce one, and reservoirs remain in good levels.


Things to avoid during the 3-7pm peak times


  • Watering gardens with hoses
  • Filling paddling pools
  • Running baths
  • Cleaning cars



Ways to save water:


  • Use mulches in the garden to prevent evaporation
  • Don’t water lawns unless newly laid – they’ll bounce straight back
  • Reuse water from cooking and cleaning on plants and consider installing a water butt
  • Reduce your shower time by a minute, or turn the shower off while lathering
  • Only boil enough water for what you need
  • Don’t wash the car or use a bucket instead of a hose pipe
  • Use water saving modes on your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Don’t use paddling pools – but if you really want to, reuse the water on plants and limit how often you use them
  • Turn the tap off while brushing teeth