Our charges for 2021-22

We have just published our household charges scheme for 2021-22. This is something we do every year and you can take a look at the detail here.

The average household bill is forecast to increase by £1, or 0.5% from £184 to £185, representing an average daily charge of 50 pence per day. Bills were at a higher level of £187 in 2019-20 and £206 in 2014-15.


The percentage increase on of our individual tariffs is greater than 0.5%;  the increases range between 2% and 5% (4.4% on average) depending on whether customers are on a metered or unmetered supply, and for metered customers depending on the volume that they use.


There are a range of reasons why tariffs can increase or decrease by more than the average bill, including changes in the volume of water used, the numbers of new properties connected to the network and the impact of discounted social tariffs.


Over the last year, we’ve provided more support through our social tariffs than ever before. We also continue to provide our £25 discount for uniformed NHS staff to help with the extra washing costs they face whilst helping to keep us all safe during these challenging times. To find out more about the support we have available, see our struggling to pay section.


Your water bill helps to keep an essential safe water supply to your home during these challenging times.  You may be able to save money by installing a water meter and we are still fitting meters during the current lockdown wherever we can. Find out how much you could save with our water meter calculator.


Also, if you are looking for home learning ideas, why not get your kids to find out why we have to pay for water by visiting our new education site: The Foundation.