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What does the Priority Services register mean?

By Bethan Stone | June 29, 2020
At the minute it feels like we’re being bombarded with messages about COVID-19 and ways businesses can help us ‘during these unprecedented times’. And we know that we’re probably one of those businesses. So, we’re going to layout what our… Read More

5 ways to improve biodiversity in your garden

By Bethan Stone | June 10, 2020
I love having biodiversity and wildlife in my garden, I always try and keep the bird feeders topped up and leave a dish of water out during the summer months. I even try and make an effort to create a… Read More

What’s a Biodiversity Index, and why does it matter?

By Bethan Stone | May 28, 2020
How to measure the quality of your natural environment We score everything, don’t we? Not just as a company, but as people too. “Out of ten, right, what would you give that film?”, “we went on holiday to a five… Read More

Nominate your Local Hero

By Bethan Stone | April 6, 2020
They may take the form of a helpful neighbour nipping to the shop for someone more vulnerable, the person down the road who always seems to cheer everyone up, or even just that person you know who puts everyone else… Read More

Water meters aren’t a bad thing

By Alex Ryder | March 10, 2020
Don’t be afraid of the big bad wolf If you live in our water region, chances are you’ve seen (or maybe even met) Peter the Meter. He’s our friendly Chief Metering Officer and is here to help us spread the… Read More
Peter the Meter at Bristol Water's Clifton fountain launch

Peter the Meter’s guest appearance at Clifton fountain launch

By Bethan Stone | October 4, 2019
Today, we officially unveiled our latest free to use water fountain in Bristol with a very special guest appearance from… Peter the Meter! To celebrate the launch of our ‘Life’s sweeter with a meter’ campaign, Peter the Meter was invited… Read More
Water is precious

If the majority of the earth is made of water, how can it be so precious?

By Sharna Smith | July 18, 2019
Water is everywhere, granted. We are surrounded by it. In fact, nearly three quarters of this earth is filled with it. We head out the door and it’s falling from the sky, we go for a run and we sweat… Read More

Would you risk your life for a quick dip?

By Bethan Stone | July 12, 2019
It’s a hot, sticky summer’s day. Even the shade isn’t cool enough and you start to feel a little faint, a bit dizzy – what you wouldn’t give just to cool off a bit. It feels like a long day… Read More

Why do water mains burst more during winter months?

By Rob Ellis | November 21, 2018
During winter months we see a lot more burst mains and leaks on our network. In the last five years we have spent £220 million renovating and replacing mains to reduce interruptions to supply. But we can’t replace the whole… Read More

What is a ‘rezone’?

By Rob Ellis | November 21, 2018
What do we mean by “rezoning”? When we get reports of customers with no water our first thought is “how do we get the water back on” rather than how do we fix the burst main. When there has been… Read More

How we fix a burst main

By Rob Ellis | November 21, 2018
So how do we fix a burst water main? We know how important water is to your daily life. It’s not just for drinking; it’s for cooking, cleaning, washing, flushing the toilet, and having water supplied to your home simply… Read More

Thoughts on why innovation is important to all of us

By Chris Thomas | October 31, 2018
What do swarms, memes, genes and waves have in common?… Look at this picture. What do you see? Imagery ©2018 Google, Map data ©2018 Google This isn’t a bizarre test of your psyche and you probably won’t know the answer… Read More

The Future isn’t real…

By Rob Ellis | October 26, 2018
…thoughts on an information based future. It’s the weekend, it’s blowing a gail, the temperature hasn’t been in double digits for a few weeks now and it’s definitely going to rain later. Time to hit the beach! Why would I… Read More

Failing fast is for failures… …let’s learn instead

By Chris Thomas | October 26, 2018
The Russians are good at thinking outside of the box. In the 1940s the Russian army trained an elite force of dogs to run under enemy tanks carrying explosives to target the weak underside of those tanks. However, when deployed… Read More

Dynamic District Meter Areas

By Rob Ellis | October 1, 2018
In the early 1990’s the concept of managing water supply networks through discrete network areas called District Meter Areas (DMA) became fashionable and was adopted across the industry. DMAs allowed water companies to manage leakage, and they’ve been very effective.… Read More
Image of a man refilling his bottle at the bristol water bar

Meaningful work

By Rob Ellis | August 24, 2018
I was listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Diane Morgan, not your usual place for work advice, and I don’t think they were planning on helping someone working in the utilities sector, but they did. When asked about how she writes,… Read More

The Hell-o-cheese-copter

By Chris Thomas | August 24, 2018
This is a blog about innovation in the water industry. This blog can relate to any industry in the world but I care about water. A multi-million pound industry, a public service, a regulated industry. So I start it with… Read More

Thou shall taketh away

By Chris Thomas | August 24, 2018
When people talk about innovation, they often talk of what’s new: what’s the new tech, the new gadget. And that it most certainly is; but when you look up what innovations means – not a great thing to be in… Read More

Living with less water

By Rob Ellis | April 27, 2018
So, over the past week, I have been living with less water than the average Brit. Why? Mainly because I don’t keep my mouth shut when silly ideas come to me, and I end up having to tell people how… Read More
Rob Ellis our head of communications

Rob’s top 5 tips for saving water

By Rob Ellis | April 27, 2018
I’ve spent my week living with the same amount of water as people from other countries. On some days, I had as little as 4 litres, and on other days, I had as much as 400 litres!! You can read… Read More