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Nominate your Local Hero

They may take the form of a helpful neighbour nipping to the shop for someone more vulnerable, the person down the road who always seems to cheer everyone up, or even just that person you know who puts everyone else before themselves. Yep they’re your local hero. And in times like these, a lot of us rely on those local heroes.

Because things are a bit weird at the moment aren’t they? You’ve probably heard the word ‘unprecedented’ more than you usually would, your hands are drier than the pride lands in The Lion King during the bit where Scar was in charge and it all got a bit nasty, and trips outside your front door have become a little more exciting than they were before. You might be feeling a little scared, you might be glad to be staying in. Either way, it’s safe to say everyone’s lives have changed, even just a little. And that can be a bit scary.

But among the fear, there is hope. And among a crisis, there are heroes.

There are those people, the people going above and beyond even more than they usually do. These are our local heroes. And the thing about local heroes, they’re not ones to toot their own horns, and that’s OK because that’s where everyone else comes in. The horn tooters, if you like.

So now’s your chance to let them know you care about them, and you appreciate them because that’s what we do here in the South West isn’t it? We support each other, we care about local people, we go above and beyond, and it’s time to shout about it more than ever.

We’re giving away £100 to five local heroes in our supply area, and all you need to do is tell us who you think deserves it, and why.

For example, it could be that person a few doors down who does supermarket runs for vulnerable neighbours, it could be the person down the street who’s been working long hours to help others, or it could just be that person who’s helped bring the community together keeping everyone’s spirits up no matter what.

Whatever the reason, we want to hear about them. We’ll be running this throughout April, a little group of us will review all of your entries, and contact the five winners in May.

Obviously, we cannot give these awards to our own local heroes but if you want to read about the wonderful Robyn Read who works at Bristol Water but has been doing amazing things in her community, then click here.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best, we hope you’re keeping safe and well.

To nominate your local hero click here and to check out the terms and conditions, click here