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Living with less water

So, over the past week, I have been living with less water than the average Brit. Why? Mainly because I don’t keep my mouth shut when silly ideas come to me, and I end up having to tell people how many times I go to the toilet each day. Anyway, I’ve been undertaking Bristol Water’s Water Challenge and living every day with the same amount of water as the average person in a different country. So far, I have had to live with 46 litres of water – same as the average Bangladeshi – and 15 litres of water – the same as the average Rwandan. There have been some in-between days, but I am not looking forward to today’s Mozambique day when I’ll only have 4 litres. Just to put this into context: us Brits use, on average, 150 litres of water a day per person. In all honesty, living with just 46 litres of water wasn’t all that bad. I took a one-minute shower, but felt fine; I cooked a meal that didn’t involve boiling water, and did what I could to flush less. Hand-washing my clothes was a bit weird and not something I really want to do, but it wasn’t that bad. I also spent a day living with the average amount of water of an American – about 400 litres per person per day. It was weird. Really weird! How can anyone use that much water a day? I listened to all of Bohemian Rhapsody whilst in the shower – it’s a long song that – I put on two washes – the second wasn’t very full – I watered the garden in the rain, and I washed a car that wasn’t mine – I don’t have one. The evening bath wasn’t needed, but I can’t complain, as it was rather nice. I listened to the ‘Hip Hop saved my life’ podcast and told my partner I was technically working. Someone told me after watching one of my video updates that they were debating in the office what uses more water: hand washing the dishes or a dishwasher. So, I’ve got people talking about how much water they use. Job done! It depends, by the way, on how many dishes you need to wash and your standards. Anyway, that was my week. Love Rob x If you want to check out my top five tips for saving water, click here. You can follow the rest of Rob’s Water Challenge on the Bristol Water Twitter and Facebook pages.